Cancer's Division

November 19, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Over the course of a day, there are many amazing things that we as people are able to experience.  For many, though, there are struggles that must be endured.  These struggles can be monetary, physically, emotionally, or for many other reasons.

I recently engaged in a conversation with a beautiful couple, Lynette and Randy.  Lynette's story is a happy one.  But it did not start out that way.  Lynette was battling breast cancer.  This beautiful mother and wife were faced with a scary disease that could have made dramatic changes to this family.  Fortunately for them, her fight was successful.  Lynette was strong and able to successfully defeat cancer.  She did not do this alone as Randy and their kids solidified her support structure.

I wanted to show the world, exactly what beauty is.  This struggle was not an easy one for this family.  Through photography I wanted to share this amazing story with the world.  There were highs and lows in this battle.  At one point Randy expressed the overwhelming sensations that he felt once he found out that his beautiful wife of many years was diagnosed with breast cancer.  Lynette's words were a little more explicit.  She described how she felt like she was trapped in a prison, grasping onto solid bars, just trying to escape her new reality.

Love shines through.  Love provides a path.  For this amazing family, love is what gave them the strength to pull through.  Lynette said that the firm hands and arms of her lifelong lover is what carried her through this battle.  Luckily, this love was enough.  Randy's embrace comforted Lynette and gave her the strength to make it through this extremely scary experience.

In life, nothing is for certain.  This beautiful woman was able to fight off a deadly disease and is still here today to offer the world her beautiful smile, laugh, and conversation.  No matter what you face, remember that you are not alone.  Use your support, whether it is your spouse, family, friends, or even a stranger.  Never give up on life; because life has not given up on you, you are a survivor!  

Continue spreading this good story to the world.  You are an inspiration to us all.  Randy, your support and love has made its way though a dark time.  Hold onto your wife and look to the future while holding onto the memories.  These memories will only strengthen your lives together.



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